We Are Not Shellfish

“Leah is angry about the world; she is trying to collect all the plastic out of the ocean. Her father says she should spend less time worrying about ‘adult problems’ and more time trying to make friends. One day, Leah finds the best piece of sea treasure ever, a plastic bottle with a phone number inside. Soon she finds herself in conversation with Ahmed, a boy adrift the sea of humanity in the Calais Jungle. But when the text messages stop, Leah must summon all her courage to build a boat from salvaged plastic and embark on an epic voyage to find her friend.”

We Are Not Shellfish combines Sabotage Theatre’s vibrant visual aesthetic with a provocative story of protest and rebellion. Zoe Hinks wrote the play whilst working with The Flying Seagull Project; a charity who bring laughter to families in crisis around the world. She was inspired by how they use joy as a weapon to fight back against apathy and injustice. Adults and children alike are sure to be enchanted.

Watch the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k78MC1oZ9pQ&t=1s

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Genre: Theatre
Duration: Duration: 65 mins
Price: Price: FREE



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